Buyplane auctions are individually curated to provide an easy to use, and fair experience for both buyers and sellers alike. The process begins with the seller submitting an auction application form on our site, then our auction specialists will work with you through every step of the process to best showcase your aircraft!

If you’re looking to sell your aircraft quickly, an auction style listing might be the right option for you. We curate each individual listing with professional photography*, in-depth listing descriptions, and aircraft highlights to showcase your listing at its full potential. Our auction listing packages are flexible for any budget, and you don’t have to pay a cent once your aircraft sells. We have structured our platform to utilize whats called a “Buyers Premium”, this means that as the buyer, you’ll pay a small percentage fee of the total bid amount if you win the auction. If you don’t win the auction, the percentage fee is immediately returned back to your bank, and you pay nothing. There are no large deposits or “buy ins” to become a bidder, you just have to make an account on Buyplane and have a valid payment method on file.

Not entirely ready for the commitment of selling your aircraft as a timed auction listing? Or, maybe you’re still testing the waters to see what your aircraft listing is really worth.
No need to stress, now you can use Buyplane to buy, sell, or trade with traditional classifieds listings. Create your listing with confidence knowing that you have no pressure to sell for less than what you think your listing is worth!

We believe that a crucial component of building an honest transaction between a buyer and seller is communication. “Market-Prices” are constantly changing due to location, inventory levels, current demand, and economic pressures. At Buyplane we feel that opening the discussion board for community engagement helps encourage “realistic” listing prices, and constructive conversation between buyers and sellers. Thats why we’ve structured each auction, and classifieds listing with a comments section so that potential buyers can ask questions, and open a dialog with the seller to get an accurate feel of the actual value of their listing. 

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If you win the auction, a 5% buyer’s fee is paid to Buyplane via the buyer’s card on file at the time of auction close. The remainder of the transaction for the highest bid amount is between the bidder and the seller, once the auction closes the buyer and seller will be given each other’s contact information via email to complete payment. We recommend the buyer obtain a photocopy of the bill of sale prior to sending payment, and we recommend a wire transfer as the safest method of payment.

If you win an auction, BuyPlane collects a 5% buyer’s fee on top of the winning bid amount with a minimum fee of $250, and a maximum fee of $5,000. (i.e. A winning bid of $50,000 would pay an additional 5% buyer’s fee for a total amount of $52,500).

If you do not win the auction, your 5% buyer’s fee will be returned to you immediately.

When bidding, Buyplane places a temporary hold on your card for 5% of your initial bid amount with a minimum hold of $250 and a maximum of $5000. If you win the auction, that hold will be converted to a charge. If you do not win, the hold will be released immediately at the time of auction end. It can sometimes take a few days for your bank to release the funds back to your account.

You can register to bid by visiting the New User Registration page to make an account. Once you’ve completed the registration, check your email for a link to “Verify” your account, if you don’t see the email, make sure to check your Spam or Junk folder. Once your account is verified, simply add a payment method on the My Account page to enable bidding privileges.


Basic Listing fees are currently FREE for a limited time. If you would like our Premium Service which includes professional photography of your aircraft, the listing fee is $199

Once your auction listing is approved, one of our highly trained Auction Specialists will be assigned to drafting your listing description based on the information you’ve provided. Your Auction Specialist will be available to assist you with any questions you may have throughout the duration of your auction listing.

Listing your aircraft has never been easier! Simply choose whether you would prefer our Basic or Premium listing service HERE, fill out a quick form with the details of your aircraft, and let our Auction Specialists take care of the rest! Our Auction Specialists will draft a professionally written description of your aircraft with all of the relevant details and specifications. Once the draft is finished it will be sent to you for final approval, then listed on our auction site for 7 days.
*Please note it may take up to 3 days for our Auction Specialists to finish writing your draft.

The final transaction for an aircraft sold on Buyplane is between the highest bidder and the seller. Once the auction closes, the highest bidder and the seller will receive each other’s contact information via email. We always recommend that the buyer receives a copy of the bill of sale, as well as registration prior to sending payment. Additionally, we recommend a wire transfer as the safest method of payment.

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